Rising Up From The Ashes


What else could happen this year? We are already admist a pandemic, and UberMonkey has finally returned to update his blog... This can't be happening, some one pinch me!

Ahh, but it is happening, I have come back to update this wonderful site. A few changes have happened since I have last sat down and posted. I have endured quite a few changes that have happened in my personal life that has taken most of my focus. Here in the last month, I have been working on updating this site, as well as others, to move them off of Wordpress and into a more static site that uses markdown instead of relying on a database. This will hopefully make the sites faster and more secure, as there is no database interactions what so ever. So that is a win-win in my book.

Not much else to say right now. I am currently working on migrating over 2 more sites to this new format. I am also working on a new tutorial series to be on my new site, turning this into more of just a dev blog about what I'm working on.

If you are looking for any of my older content that I had on here, I still have the data, but I don't really feel like migrating it over to markdown, and besides, they are all old and not really relevant anymore.

Hope 2020 hasn't taken the fight out of you yet, and hope to see you back here when I post again.

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I write code for a living. I also enjoy games (making and playing), music (listening and producing), and a few other things.


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