Another week goes by, so that means another UberMinutes is here! The main project that has occupied my time the most this week has been the iOS port of XBLIG Companion. I should be ready to do some testing with the help of others starting next week. There is a few things I need to read up on to make it as close to possible as the WP7 version, such as Push Notifications. I may release it for iPhone only at first, and come up with an iPad layout after I finish everything in the iPhone version. It will be an update to the release, and not a new “HD” version of the app.

Here are some screen shots of the app so far:


If you would like to be a tester for me, please drop me an email to cyoung AT eat-studios D0T com, or thru twitter @EatStudios or @ElementCy.  As for the other 2 projects, they will get more time once XBLIG companion stuff is done. I am hoping to get more done with the MBMBaM project before PAX Prime comes.

If you would like to have more updates than just the once a week UberMinutes, follow @ElementCy on twitter. I usually tweet things that I am doing, thoughts on my mind, or just complete nonsense… So ends today’s UberMinutes.

Until next time…