And so another UberMinutes is here… I have made some progress with Xeoctsy Infinitum this week, but nothing to really show in terms of an updated alpha build. The main thing I have been working on is making a better weapon/projectile system. I think I am just about wrapped up with the initial workings of it, and have been playing around with how the player shoots.

As well as working on a new weapon/projectile system, I have been sketching up some UI layouts. With the layouts, I have been also working out a workflow on how the game plays, and how the player traverses the menu system. I don’t have my scanner up and working, so I just snapped a pic of what I have so far. =D

Xeoctsy Infinitum UI Sketches
Xeoctsy Infinitum UI Sketches

I have also made some progress with the iOS version of XBLIG Companion. I should have some screens available next week’s UberMinutes. As for the MBMBaM project, I don’t have any updates for it this week.

If you would like to have more updates than just the once a week UberMinutes, follow @ElementCy on twitter. I usually tweet things that I am doing, thoughts on my mind, or just complete nonsense… So ends today’s UberMinutes.

Until next time…