Manic is released to the WP7 Marketplace now for your enjoyment!  There is a few bugs that were not caught, and an update is awaiting for approval.  Manic comes in 2 flavors, the orignal called “Manic”, which costs a cool 99 cents American… and the other is “Manic: Patient.0” which is a free, ad supported version.

Here is a little snippet of what Manic is all about:

Manic is a fast paced game of skill that bombards the player’s fun gland with seconds of gameplay at a time! Each minigame you play has very simple objectives, and you only have seconds at a time to keep trying to not fail at those objectives.

Do a market search for Manic, and you should see them, or use these handy dandy links to open them in your Zune software!


Manic: Patient.0

If you enjoy them, please drop a review on it!

Until next time…