Ok, so I came up with this crazy idea during lunch at work on Friday…  It was to try and create a game over the weekend and submit it for the Dream Build Play competition.  The game is rather simple in nature, and I think it turned out pretty well.  The play area has 4 colored bars that run right to left, a single bar in the middle that runs top to bottom.  The left hand side, there is a turrent that shoots out bullets down the colored bars when the corresponding button of the same color is pressed.  Enemies start from the right, and progress towards the left.  You must kill the enemies before they hit the bar in the middle.  If the enemy hits the bar that is in the middle, it progresses towards the left.  If it reaches the turrent, it is game over.  As the game progresses, the bars change colors, and the enemies spawn faster and faster.

Here are some Screen Shots of Circuinator:

Circuinator gameplay pic 1  Circuinator Gameplay 2

And here is a vid from YouTube: