So it has come to this…

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I am seeing a trend here these past few years, and quite frankly I am tired of falling into this routine. Something has got to change. Here is a quick synopsis of what has taken place since I have last posted.

  • PAX Prime was a blast. I met some great people there, some from the XNA peeps that I follow on the Twitter, others just out of the blue. I got to hang out with a very talented voice actor (Bob Ball), an awesome guy from an indie game news site (Dave Voyles), and the almighty Zman aka Andy Dunn even though he thought I was from Seattle and has met me many times. I also got to meet 2 of the 3 McElroy Brothers… It was epic.
  • I’ve ran a handful of 5Ks, and will be running at least 5 or 6 more this year. (Ok, probably not run, more like fast jog until my legs/lungs give out…)
  • I released XBLIG Companion for the Windows Phone. I am currently working on the iOS build, and my good friend Gordon is working on the Android version.
  • I went to PAX East, again had a blast. I got to meet up with Zeboyd Games to check out the new Penny Arcade Precipice game they have been working on. Got a sweet temporary tattoo of a Dapper Potato from Shelldragon of Ska Studios. Met and hung out with the Doucette Brothers aka the 2 masterminds behind Xona Games.
  • And lastly, I have set forth an intricate plan that in theory help spring me in a better position to do what I enjoy doing. More info on this plan will be revealed when the time deems it necessary.

Everything else is either a blur, don’t remember, or not newsworthy…

Currently I have been juggling a few tasks. I have been slowly getting the iOS version of XBLIG Companion in a testable build, working on a Dream Build Play entry, and getting to know Unity3D better. With the way things are going, I might be doing another quick weekend jam for the DBP entry like I did a few years back. This time though, I may stream my desktop for fun. My first real attempt with Unity3D is coming along nicely, and should have most of the gameplay functionality done within a week or so if I can control my urges to play other peoples games.

There will be more updates, hopefully less sporadic than it has been.

Until next time…

Pre-PAX Planning…

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PAX is almost upon us, and this year I am going to attend. This will be a first for me, and I am so excited, words can’t even describe it. To have some fun, and to see if I can spread the word of my upcoming game I have been working on, I am gathering some shwag to hand out via twitter from @EatStudios. All you have to do is follow, and watch for important tweets on how to win this fine shwag.

Speaking of the upcoming game, I have an artist busy making some polished art to setup a demo, and will be posting more on Eleventy-Aught Twelve Studio’s website when it is done. I have a good feeling this game will be more awesome than any other game I have made thus far.

Next week during PAX, I am going to try to blog nightly while I am there. Give some insight through the eyes of a first time PAXer… Already know that I should bring enough hand sanitizer to fend off the plague.

Until next time…


August already and stuff?!

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August sure has snuck up on me it seems. It feels like just the other day I released Manic to the WP7 Marketplace. I have been working on a new game that I’m going to be releasing to the WP7 Marketplace and the Xbox Indie Games. I have the base gameplay built, and now creating stages. I will be posting some pics/vids once I replace my not so flattering developer art. All I will say now is that it is a 2d physics puzzler.

Anyways, if you frequent my blog, you might of noticed that things have changed slightly. I recently changed back over to WordPress because most .Net blog apps I tried, I did not find any good themes, good features, or the projects just died. Hopefully everything got ported over, if not drop me an email. Since porting back over to WordPress, I am going to try to blog more, considering that there is a sweet app that I can use on my iPad to write and publish posts. I am going to try my best to post at least once a week.

Until the next time…

Goodbye 2010… Oh HAI 2011!

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As 2010 starts to fade, a bright now year is just around the corner. Since it is a new year, most people start planning out new resolutions to hopefully accomplish in the new year. I’m not going to bore you with the list of mundane personal resolutions. Instead, I am going to list off a few regarding game development, and hopefully look back next December to see if these get accomplished.

  1. Ship at least 2 games. Be it to XBLIG or WP7, but will be 2 different games. If I make one, and release to both, I am counting that as just 1. This year, I released 1 to the Apple AppStore, and nothing to WP7 or XBLIG. My goal is to at least double what I did this year for 2011.
  2. Finish my secret platformer, Project RCC. This game is semi big in terms of my other projects I have created/started. I have started a few of the tools, and have a rough draft of the story and some dialog. For 2011, I want this game to be pushed out to XBLIG and maybe a port to WP7/iPhone.
  3. Curve my developer’s ADD. I like to start new projects on a whim, and maybe finish a portion of them. I have started to be better by writing said project ideas in a notebook to work on when I have the time. I need to be more focused on one project at a time than spreading myself out too thin.

I think this is a good list for me to keep myself focused at the task at hand. On that note, catch ya in the new year.



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It can not be August already… *checks calendar again*  Well damn, it IS August.  Where did May, June, and July go?  Well, I have been asked a few times when the next “I Can Has Platformer” part will be out, and I assure you I am not dead and didn’t forget about it.  I should be finishing up Part 4 sometime this month, and have Part 5 and 6 out shortly after that. I have been trying to get my life in order, and preparing to release 2 new sites, and an Iphone game.

On that note, I am never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…


I Can Has Platformer Part 2, ITS COMMING!

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I am finishing up the code, cleaning it up a bit for release, and then will be typing up the article here by the end of the week.  Just wanted to let you guys know I am not giving up or vanished. =D  Last few weeks have been hectic, had a bunch of social events, laptop dieing on me, and a few nights I just wanted to do nothing but relax.

Till next time, nya~


a new year begins…

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I can’t really believe that it is already a new year.  A lot of things have been going on, and things are starting to calm back down.  First off, earlier this month, I posted my first article of a series to Sgt. Conker’s website.  The series will explain on how to create a simple platformer game, entitled “I Can Has Platformer?”  Part 1 goes through the motions of creating a new project, and creating a simple tilemap to display the world.  You can read the full article here.  I am almost done with Part 2, which will cover adding a player to the game, and some simple collision with the tilemap.

Since I usually feel a need to change gears often, I have been trying to put some finishing touches on a new website that will be going into a closed beta of sorts until I get it right.  It is made using MVC, and I have to say, I love MVC compared to Webforms.  I will release more info on this site when I think it is ready to be publicly known.  And if that wasn’t enough, I have started back up into digging around the iPhone sdk.  I have a new app that isn’t a game in the works and hopefully will be pushing it to the app store sometime in February.

Side note on DPB, I think it is a bust…  Till then, peace out~