Welcome to another UberMinutes. It is a wonderful Friday the 13th, so far… On the coding front, not much was accomplished this week. Did some fleshing out of the design document for the MBMBaM game, and tweaked the gameplay idea for Xeoctsy Infinitum. A great looking asset package for Unity3D just came out this week, and I plan on playing around with it this weekend, or later next week. The package is called Uni2D and it looks pretty slick! Here is a vid showing off what it can do: Uni2D presentation.

So, since I didn’t code much this week, what took up my time you say? Well, I started watching a series on HBO:Go, and kind of got caught up in it. I’ve seen a few episodes when they actually aired, but now I am going thru the whole series. The series is “Bored to Death”, and I am enjoying it. I just have the last season left, so should be finished this weekend for sure. =D

Besides using my time to watch the TV, I have been playing around with a mix of Bloody Tears from Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. It is coming along quite nicely, but has quite a bit more work until I am happy to release it to my Sound Cloud account.

If you would like to have more updates than just the once a week UberMinutes, follow @ElementCy on twitter. I usually tweet things that I am doing, thoughts on my mind, or just complete nonsense… So ends another UberMinutes.

Until next time…