Trying something new here. I am going to post things I am working on, thoughts, links, etc on a weekly basis starting this week. To keep things consistant, I am going to be posting this on Fridays, not on a specific time, but sometime on  said Friday none the less. Also, I am going to starting to be more transparent with what I am working on. Going to try to release images, alpha builds, vids, etc early on. Calling it “Weekly Dev Journal” or something boring like that will not cut it. I’m thinking along the lines of calling it “The UberMinutes…” It has a nice ring to it. So on that note, let’s begin the first UberMinutes…

Currently I am splitting my development time into 3 projects.

  • Project 1: I am still trying to hammer down a release for XBLIG Companion for the iOS devices. This has been a slower process that I had planned, and has been neglected more than it should have been. Hopefully I can get something hammered out before XBLIG is no longer existent.
  • Project 2: A little 2D game I am calling Xeoctsy Infinitum. It is a 2D space shooter, themed around a mix of Bullet Hell and Asteroids. It is being created using Unity3D. As of right now in the development process I have a simple asteroid field generated and the user can fly around and destroy the asteroids. I am hoping to release it as a twin stick shooter for iOS and Android devices, and possibly a slimmed version for the web. If you want to try the current (as of July 6th, 2012) early alpha build, you can play it here.
  • Project 3: Another 2D game using Unity3D, based on MBMBaM podcast. It will be a platformer with a Lost Vikings feel (hopefully).  This game is in the really early alpha, with a small prototype in the works. This is the bigger of the 3 projects, and will be more of a long term goal to work on. If you want to try the current (as of July 6th, 2012) early alpha build, you can play it here.

With the other use of my time, I finally got to the end of Dragon’s Dogma this last weekend. I thought it was a pretty good game, even though it does have some quirks. I am glad that CAPCOM is following it up with some more games, hopefully fleshing out more of the world, and the IP in general. Haven’t played too much more of Diablo 3, not really seeing the fun in farming, and trying to farm a slim chance of getting a good item for my current class. The new Penny Arcade 3 game has my eye for this weekend. Going to try to hammer through it, and put it in my “done” pile.

If you would like to have more updates than just the once a week UberMinutes, follow @ElementCy on twitter. I usually tweet things that I am doing, or thoughts on my mind, or just complete nonsense… So that is the first UberMinutes, until next time…