I am seeing a trend here these past few years, and quite frankly I am tired of falling into this routine. Something has got to change. Here is a quick synopsis of what has taken place since I have last posted.

  • PAX Prime was a blast. I met some great people there, some from the XNA peeps that I follow on the Twitter, others just out of the blue. I got to hang out with a very talented voice actor (Bob Ball), an awesome guy from an indie game news site (Dave Voyles), and the almighty Zman aka Andy Dunn even though he thought I was from Seattle and has met me many times. I also got to meet 2 of the 3 McElroy Brothers… It was epic.
  • I’ve ran a handful of 5Ks, and will be running at least 5 or 6 more this year. (Ok, probably not run, more like fast jog until my legs/lungs give out…)
  • I released XBLIG Companion for the Windows Phone. I am currently working on the iOS build, and my good friend Gordon is working on the Android version.
  • I went to PAX East, again had a blast. I got to meet up with Zeboyd Games to check out the new Penny Arcade Precipice game they have been working on. Got a sweet temporary tattoo of a Dapper Potato from Shelldragon of Ska Studios. Met and hung out with the Doucette Brothers aka the 2 masterminds behind Xona Games.
  • And lastly, I have set forth an intricate plan that in theory help spring me in a better position to do what I enjoy doing. More info on this plan will be revealed when the time deems it necessary.

Everything else is either a blur, don’t remember, or not newsworthy…

Currently I have been juggling a few tasks. I have been slowly getting the iOS version of XBLIG Companion in a testable build, working on a Dream Build Play entry, and getting to know Unity3D better. With the way things are going, I might be doing another quick weekend jam for the DBP entry like I did a few years back. This time though, I may stream my desktop for fun. My first real attempt with Unity3D is coming along nicely, and should have most of the gameplay functionality done within a week or so if I can control my urges to play other peoples games.

There will be more updates, hopefully less sporadic than it has been.

Until next time…