PAX is almost upon us, and this year I am going to attend. This will be a first for me, and I am so excited, words can’t even describe it. To have some fun, and to see if I can spread the word of my upcoming game I have been working on, I am gathering some shwag to hand out via twitter from @EatStudios. All you have to do is follow, and watch for important tweets on how to win this fine shwag.

Speaking of the upcoming game, I have an artist busy making some polished art to setup a demo, and will be posting more on Eleventy-Aught Twelve Studio’s website when it is done. I have a good feeling this game will be more awesome than any other game I have made thus far.

Next week during PAX, I am going to try to blog nightly while I am there. Give some insight through the eyes of a first time PAXer… Already know that I should bring enough hand sanitizer to fend off the plague.

Until next time…