Prepare to Become MANIC!!1!1one!

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Manic is released to the WP7 Marketplace now for your enjoyment! ┬áThere is a few bugs that were not caught, and an update is awaiting for approval. ┬áManic comes in 2 flavors, the orignal called “Manic”, which costs a cool 99 cents American… and the other is “Manic: Patient.0″ which is a free, ad supported version.

Here is a little snippet of what Manic is all about:

Manic is a fast paced game of skill that bombards the player’s fun gland with seconds of gameplay at a time! Each minigame you play has very simple objectives, and you only have seconds at a time to keep trying to not fail at those objectives.

Do a market search for Manic, and you should see them, or use these handy dandy links to open them in your Zune software!


Manic: Patient.0

If you enjoy them, please drop a review on it!

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April 9, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

I am finishing testing Manic, a sweet, sweet fun filled game for WP7 devices. Hopefully testing goes smooth, and it will be uploaded to the marketplace later this weekend, or first of this coming week.

This update is short and sweet. Until next time…