Got around and updated the site to the latest and greatest version of Graffiti along with replacing the comments with Disqus.  I have to say, I really like Disqus so far, and was pretty simple to add to the website.  All original comments are not lost, they just won’t appear anymore (there weren’t many, so it’s not hurting much). I do beleive I will be integrating said commenting system on my other sites in the near future.

Nothing really new on the project front just yet, been busy getting other stuff square away before I hit the ground running. I am going to at least try to get a nice demo or partially done first “chapter” of the story for the project wrapped up and submit it to DreamBuildPlay this year.

For those you think I have abbandoned my Platformer series of articles, don’t fret. I am planning on converting them over to XNA 4.0, and release the last few along with them within a few weeks after the updated versions. The plan for that is “as soon as I get to it” or probably towards the end of February or early/mid March.

Until next time…