As 2010 starts to fade, a bright now year is just around the corner. Since it is a new year, most people start planning out new resolutions to hopefully accomplish in the new year. I’m not going to bore you with the list of mundane personal resolutions. Instead, I am going to list off a few regarding game development, and hopefully look back next December to see if these get accomplished.

  1. Ship at least 2 games. Be it to XBLIG or WP7, but will be 2 different games. If I make one, and release to both, I am counting that as just 1. This year, I released 1 to the Apple AppStore, and nothing to WP7 or XBLIG. My goal is to at least double what I did this year for 2011.
  2. Finish my secret platformer, Project RCC. This game is semi big in terms of my other projects I have created/started. I have started a few of the tools, and have a rough draft of the story and some dialog. For 2011, I want this game to be pushed out to XBLIG and maybe a port to WP7/iPhone.
  3. Curve my developer’s ADD. I like to start new projects on a whim, and maybe finish a portion of them. I have started to be better by writing said project ideas in a notebook to work on when I have the time. I need to be more focused on one project at a time than spreading myself out too thin.

I think this is a good list for me to keep myself focused at the task at hand. On that note, catch ya in the new year.