A new year, a new fire under the kettle.  I haven’t really been working on XNA since I posted my submission to DreamBuildPlay of ’08.  I took a nice vacation to Japan for 2.5 weeks, and caught up on some gaming that has been stacking up on me.  Since the turn of this new year, I have been getting the itch back into XNA, and have been working on my 2d game engine. 

I have refactored my tile engine a bit, and converted everything over to XNA 3.0.  Also, I have been working on some 2d animation classes that would resemble in a skeletal system, and use key frames.  Right now it is in a very basic form, and is based on what James Silva used for Dishwasher.  Along with the character animation classes, I have worked on a mapping system for a platformer that doesn’t use tiles.  This will allow me to use this engine for both top down and side scrollers, with basic tile engine, and a more complex "platformer" engine.  I don’t have any screens for this yet, but I will post some updates as I progress.