Over at XNA’s Creators Club site, they have released the September content update for our brains to gobble up and have fun with. In this update, there was 4 new samples, 3 new utilities, and 1 article about the ship game. (from creators.xna.com) Samples Collision Series 4: Collision with a Heightmap – This sample demonstrates how to move objects along a heightmap, useful when creating a game that requires interaction between moving objects and terrain. Custom Model Class – This sample shows how to go beyond the limits of the Model class that comes built in to the XNA Framework, loading geometry data into an entirely custom class that can be extended more easily to cope with specialized requirements. Mesh Instancing – This sample shows how to efficiently render many copies of the same model, using GPU instancing techniques to reduce the cost of repeated draw calls. Shatter – This sample shows how you can apply an effect on any model in your game to shatter it apart. Utilities Curve Editor – This utility provides an easy-to-use visual editor for creating curves for use with the XNA Framework Curve class. The curve control used to display and edit curves inside the editor can also be imported into your own applications. Input Reporter – This utility displays input data for all controllers connected to the system. The utility supports multiple controller types, including flight sticks, dance pads, and guitars. Xbox 360 Controller Button Glyphs – This utility is a set of images that represent the buttons, thumbsticks, and triggers on the Xbox 360 Controller. Other Ship Game Article – 3D Collision using the BoxCollider library – This supplemental article introduces the BoxCollider library provided in Ship Game. BoxCollider is a collision detection and response library that features an octree implementation, collision response with friction effects, and prebuilt collision-aware camera classes.