Ok, I have learned something today. I recently switched my main computer’s OS to Vista Ultimate from XP Pro…and now the Tile Engine I am working on doesn’t render like it should. Here’s the scoop. Nvidia’s graphics card in Vista (I’m assuming it is a driver issue, since it worked fine on the same hardware, just in XP instead) doesn’t like the fact that I have a RenderTarget2D that is bigger than the backbuffer. In my opinion that stinks, but I think I may have thought a solution. This solution will take some time to implement, because my math is somewhat rusty. To fix this issue, I am going to create multiple RenderTarget2Ds and draw them to the backbuffer as 1 image. I could just use the 1 and resize it to be the same as the backbuffer, but I will run into the problems with the original design, as in, when the map rotates, I will get gaps on the sides of the map, because it didn’t draw any tiles there. I am going to have it draw more than what the screen needs for just that reason when it is rotated or zoomed. Since this bug came up, the tutorial for the Tile Engine is going to take a bit longer to write up. Hopefully I will have something working next week.