Man, yesterday was a rush with the XNA Gamefest announcements, along with the winners of the DreamBuildPlay competition (congrats to all the winners). Along with the XNA Gamefest, some new content was released to the XNA community through (from Starter Kit Ship Game (Creators Club Premium Content) – Ship Game is a 3D spaceship combat game set inside a complex tunnel system. Ship Game features advanced lighting and textures, a full GPU particle system, and advanced physics. Explore the tunnels on your own, or take on a friend head-to-head using split-screen mode. Samples Distortion – This sample demonstrates how to implement a variety of screen-space distortion effects with a general post-processing technique. Shader Series 4: Materials and Multiple Light Sources – This sample shows how to combine the techniques shown in the previous Shader Series samples into a system that can utilize multiple light sources and multiple meshes with materials data. Tutorials Optimization: Particles and High-Frequency Code – This tutorial teaches you how to find and correct performance problems in your game, and highlights solutions to common performance problems on Xbox 360, using a particle system as an example.