This is a very simple WordPress plugin that replaces any instances of “<!–gdkkickit–>” into a GameDevKick “Kick It” image and link.  This is to reduce the amount of steps to get a post to  Normally, one would:

  1. Write a post
  2. Submit it to
  3. Get Kick It code after submission.
  4. Edit original post to add code.

This seems like too many steps.  Now with this plugin, the steps decrease dramatically:

  1. Write a post, and at the end of the post, put <!–gdkkickit–>.

This cuts the steps down to just 1.  How cool is that?!  Also, I have created an Edit screen so you can customize the colors of teh Kick It image, just like if you would have gone to and did it there.

Version History

  • 1.0 – Initial Release

To download the most current version, click here.